Facial Abuse Bimbo ‘Bused And Bred

Facial Abuse Bimbo 'Bused And Bred

The blonde bimbo was a sight to behold, doing whatever she was told. It was amusing to see her reaction when the contents of a bowl were dumped on her head, and she shivered like she had encountered something divine. She ate Old Man Legend Bootlegs’ butt roughly, like it was free government cheese. Then she swallowed her yellow discipline while also covering her face in it. Her head felt like a flashlight being used in an incel’s basement. She took it with grace as if it were part of her job, which it likely is. The vaccinated vandal bred her next, so more government cheese will be coming her way shortly. Three loads ended up all over her face in a demeaning fashion that would have made the baby Jesus shed tears. With utmost dedication, she ate up what remained of the cum like the good little whore she is–which deserves admiration.

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Facial Abuse